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  1. Sammiches is a collection of 51 international artists’ interpretations of the much-loved icon that is the giant cartoon sandwich. It is a massive 10″x14″ full-colour, perfect-bound, coffee-table conversation starter that will change the way you look at sandwiches forever.

    This deluxe edition is finally seeing the light after more than a year’s worth of planning and production. We are celebrating this release with a party and an exhibition of some works from the book. Come on down to Dynamo Arts Association at 30 East 6th ave (Ontario & 6th) on March 8th. There will be original paintings, videos, prints, drawings and copies of the book and other artist’s books available for sale as well as DJ’s, drinks and finger sammiches all night. Several artists will be in attendance. Everyone’s invited!

    If you can’t make the opening, the exhibition runs for the rest of the weekend from Noon – 5pm. Come get your copy before anyone else…

    Book and exhibition include works from:
    Matthew Allison / Derek M Ballard / Josh Bayer / Morgan Blair / Andy Burkholder / Noah Butkus / Celeste Byers / William Cardini /Max Clotfelter / Sara Cwynar / Michelle Devereux / Jason Fischer / Erin Green / Viktor Hachmang / Anna Haifisch / Clay Hickson / James Hines / Ryan Humphrey / Ben Jacques / Nathan Jones / Brennan Kelly / August Lipp / Chris McD / Allan McEvoy / Jesse McManus / Kyle Mowat / Leisha O’Donahue / Mark Oliver / Michael Olivo / Marc J Palm / Nathan Prouty / Puck / Rand Renfrow / D’Metrius Rice / Joel Rich/ Julien Rivoire / Brad Rohloff / Hania Stella-Sawicka / Tom Sewell / Smithe / Alex Schubert / Jordan Speer / Hattie Stewart / Alex Stursberg / Pete Toms / Benjamin Urkowitz / Jordy van den Nieuwendijk / Jon Vaughn / White Swallows / Joshua Wiley / Eric Yahnker

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    I have a drawing in this book along with like a hundred other artists who’re all cooler than me. I won’t be at this...
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